Private HypnoBirthing Course

Cb Candace Borg

Private HypnoBirthing Course

with Candace Borg

Childbirth education course empowering you to achieve optimal birthing.

Consult Description

Imagine if… - your labour was shorter - you might not need to use any anaesthesia - you feel energized after the birth - you are comfortable and relaxed during labour and birth - you experience an ecstatic birth - your baby is calmer, more relaxed and feeds well - you feel positive about your birthing experience! HypnoBirthing teaches the birthing mother to tap into and follow her body’s own wisdom. Mothers learn how to follow their body’s own instincts, while the birth partner learns how to support mum for an easier and calmer birth. This award winning childbirth education programme, HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method has stood the test of time with over 27 years of experience, research and impressive results around the world. HypnoBirthing classes are arranged for couples over five weeks, ensuring parents become educated, confident and informed, so they can meet their baby with joy, calm and in more comfort on their birthing day. To book, please call or text 0408355484 or email [email protected]

Cancellation Policy

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